Billow Baghdad design centre

Baghdad, Iraq

  • Markets:


  • Services:


  • Client:

    Baghdad government

Floating minaret that guides people to a new era of the historical city

  • Include:

    Existing building, Showroom, Shopping center, Restaurant

  • Area:

    3500 sqm

  • Cost:

    € 2.800.000

  • Status:

    Due for completion in 2019


Billow glows in the beautiful sandy sky of Baghdad, its roots are within the ground but it keeps flaying, dancing with the warm winds, creating a floating minaret that guides people to a new era of the historical city.

Hundreds of translucent tensile curtains (effect billow) are what defines the outer skin for the project a wooden structure is framing the curtains as it raises above the existing old facade, this skin allows a gradual transition between a city so rich in traditions, history culture and customs with the most modern technologies and design that could be exhibited inside.


A glass core inside the tensile skin defines the indoor space for the design centre where different working and exhibition activities take place, the curtains cover the core as it protects it from the direct sunlight but allows enough daylight to lighten the space up. We seek to achieve the minimum visual impact and with a low economic cost, for this reason we use simple materials, of easy execution and easily replaceable.

The main facade remains in its natural essence, telling all the history lived by it, since for us it is important that the main building tell that story and not create a new one for it.


The core detaches from the ground a few meters to leave the ground floor a large open space where there may be exhibitions, events or simply where you can laze and stop from the intense rhythms of the city.. The square next to the building has a certain importance in the city and a direct connection is generated with the existing building. 

It is an area where it is very common to do markets in the area and people come to buy and visit the square. People interact with each other, with the existing architecture and with the new use of the Baghdad design center.

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