Kemeri National Park Latvia

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    Bee Breaders, Nature Conservation Agency Republic of Latvia

A Visitor center conceived from the dialogue between the vocation of the park and its natural environment

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    An information centre with a cafe, terrace, and external ticket window; a camping site with access to shower and toilet facilities; a children’s playground; and a car park with the capacity for 100 vehicles.

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    Design phase

The concept of a Tent

The project is based on the grouping of triangular modules that configure communicated spaces or galleries that resemble a random grouping of tents in a camping area. Where, seen from afar, the covers of the tents seem to merge into a single element that grows along the field, leaving a series of full or empty spaces according to their convenience and absorbing part of their natural environment.

A triangular shape

This modular triangular configuration gave the project the possibility not only to have an authentic modern aspect and hit the visitor with a shocking warm interior but also allowed it to be versatile. Modularity brings to the table the possibility to think on future additions, multiple different configurations of the interior, or perhaps on an easy way to replicate a successful approach on other sites with similar conditions.

Furthermore, the shape of the roofs and their height behaves perfectly against extreme weather conditions, such as snow storms or strong rains (allowing the snow or the water to flow fast towards the terrain) or hot weather (allowing the hot air to rise and flow out with cross ventilation) and also gives to the structural system of the project stability.

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