Our Firm

We are an collective force of global architects, engineers and consultants designing sustainable solutions to positively impact the future of the places we inhabit.


We work as a dynamic but solid international network to deliver integrated services locally adapted to specific demands. Our respectful design efforts take into account the architecture and traditions of each community through results that preserve and highlight the value of regional resources and materials. 
Our transparent and holistic approach integrates experts, partners, collaborators, clients and users throughout the entire design process to transform current dilemmas into meaningful responses that stimulate collective prosperity.


We are a collective structure sustained by the democratic exercise of the activity where its members have equal access to positively influence on COSMOS IVICSA path towards shaping a better future. Our corporate governance framework is based on transparency and a responsible activity for all of our team and stakeholders as the key principles to follow in order to achieve long-term sustainable success and ensure profitable results for all.


We create cities, connect places, devise efficient buildings and plan an effective management of the natural resources using the most innovative techniques through a qualified interdisciplinary and multicultural team:

Our Executive

Ricardo Serrano López
Board Member
Francisco Martínez Verduch
Vice President
Board Member
David Sastre Mata
Head Manager
Board Member
Alejandro Serrano Craggs
Chief Financial Officer
Board Member
Pietro Paolo Speziale
Chief Business Development Officer
Board Member
Juan Martinez Zafra
Chief Architect & Technical Officer
Board Member
Tomas Villa
South America Office Director
Board Member
Sergio Serrano
Business Development Manager
Board Member
Ernesto Colomer Lloret
Chief Engineering Technical Officer Spain
Spanish Office
Jose Gandia
Iconic Landmarks
General manager
Asia Office Director
Chinese Office
Senior Architect
Spanish Office
Jing Xue
Communication Manager
Chinese Office
Oreste Sanese
Office Director
Italian Office Director

Our Brands


Cosmos Architecture is an international architectural studio founded in 2019, with several projects all around the world. The studio offers various services such as interior design, architecture, landscape design and urban planning.


Iconic Landmarks is a branch company that focus the services in the creation, design and advisory for the construction of iconic projects. The essence of Iconic Landmarks is to create structures  that raise the spirit and due to their notable physical features redefine the skyline of its surroundings.

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