Madinat Al Algebra

Riyahd or Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

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A tribute to Arabic contribution to civilization

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    Entertainment, Culture.

  • Area:

    320.000 square meters

  • Cost:

    3,100,000 euros

  • Status:

    Design phase

A state of the art Urban Monument

Numbers represent a fundamental part of our lives, numbers link all the existing elements and people, therefore numbers connect the whole universe. They are one of the most valuable treasures of human beings. Being objects of different cultures, religions and philosophies.

The purpose of the project is to venerate the Arabian culture and its important impact and contribution to the world with the perfection of this mathematical code used worldwide.

Its concept gets in shape by a gigantic installation with the original Arabic numbers, those used in the Middle Ages and spread from Al Andalus, creating a series of sculptures that lighten up a whole urban promenade.

A place to reverence

The project aims to be a monument that honors the Islamic contribution to humanity as a whole. Among its numerous contributions, one of the most important is to understand the current mathematical development and science, algebra and Arabic numbers.

This monument consists of the distribution of a series of 10 blocks 4 meters wide by 13 meters high. Each of them represents one of the 10 figures, that is, from the number zero to nine. Each block is made in the darkest black so far achieved the VantaBlack and inside a perforation with the geometry of the figure bathed in gold and copper

Light & color show at sunset

In the center, there is a map that represents the maximum extent of the Islamic Empire during the Caliphate. This surface is finished in copper again, allowing the reflection of the blocks and the different numbers. To access the complex, a series of walkways cross a pond with water. This pond has several functions, among which the reflection of the blocks in the water stands out, as does copper in the interior of the monument. In addition, the intense heat that exists in the different locations where this emblem is raised makes it essential that water and its evaporation after receiving the sun’s rays become a natural and sustainable cooling system, also widely used in different buildings typologies in the Arab world throughout its history.

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