Preston Mosque

Preston, United kingdom

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  • Client:

    RIBA, U.K

The cupola is a representation of the sky

  • Include:

    Mall, Retail, Common zones, Restaurant, Parking

  • Area:

    3.330,00 sqm

  • Cost:

    £ 4.162.500,00

  • Status:

    Due for completion in 2021

Site General Characteristics

The ‘specificity’ of the location for the Preston Mosque is precisely its complete lack of ‘specificity’ - an area that is quite near the city centre, at the boundary of the urbanization, in a fragile undeveloped state, with an uncertain urban future. The new project could be a starting point, the ‘seeds’ for the development of the new part of the city, and let it becomes one such thing for this part of Preston, a symbolic building that, through its minaret, will be visible from the surrounding areas. The program of the centre consists of a religious building, that could gather people, focusing as well on social and cultural programs. 

Singular entity

The new building is positioned as singular entity, a big podium slightly elevated and inclined from the ground is creating a square area with a mosque in the south side and the minaret on the opposite side. The project is composed by simple volumes, the view is oriented towards the 'outside' world with two parallels walls on the longer sides
With the function of visually and acoustically isolating the square from the parking lot, thus having a reserved and quiet space, framed by the surrounding trees.The mosque, sitting on and opening fully towards the square to allow for extension of the prayer space on the outside during large gatherings of congregation during the summer season or to organize events for the community. 

General functions

A box cut in 4 equal parts, with an internal cupola subtracted from its center.
Rather than following obvious historical precedents, as well as the recent iconographically obvious examples, it is conceived as a concrete solid structure - a 37x37x12 meter box constructed with walls filled with white concrete, and transparent glass on the upper part where the cuts are located, allowing the sun to flood the interior space. All the facades have revetments of marble tiles of 2x2 meters.The hall allows you to connect different functions. In this space, we find a meeting room, an office and the access to the area reserved for men and women.


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