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Cosmos among the 27 studios for the design of Samara Arena in Russia

Samara, Russia

Cosmos among the 27 studios for the design of Samara Arena in Russia

Samara, Russia

We would like to announce that Cosmos Architecture with his partners have passed the selection of the first phase for the Development of a Master Plan for the Territory Adjacent to the Samara Arena (total area: 360 hectares)

This is one of the first projects aimed at converting the sports venues that were built especially for the FIFA World Cup 2018 into hubs for urban development and community, business, and cultural life.

More than 120 architecture studios from 28 countries registered to participate in the competition.  Just 27 applications are now being evaluated to pass the following phase after the Organizing Committee.

There are companies from 27 cities of 15 countries among the participants. Most of the applicants are from Russia. Great Britain became the leader in the number of companies among foreign ones - 8 companies will take part in the competition. It is followed by Germany, Italy and the Netherlands. Also, companies from Belarus, Finland, France, Japan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Spain, Turkey, Ukraine and the USA will join the fight.

The competition is part of the comprehensive work that began in the region back in 2019. The work has included an analytical study and a professional competition in architecture and urban planning.

The project was initiated by the Samara Region Development Corporation and is supported by the government of the Samara Region and the Samara Urban District Administration. The Agency for Strategic Development “CENTER” was chosen as the operator for the study and the competition procedure.

The Samara Arena stadium was built especially for the FIFA World Cup that was hosted by Russia in 2018. UEFA rated it as a Category Four stadium, which is the highest possible category. The territory adjacent to the Samara Arena lies within the city. It is bordered by Tashkentskaya and Demokraticheskaya Streets and the Volga and Moscow highways. To better envisage the territory’s size, consider this: it can fit over five hundred football pitches.

The efficient use of the World Cup infrastructure has become a vital mission for the regions that had the honour of hosting it. The Samara Region was among the first in Russia to attempt the integration of such a major sports venue into the cityscape through the rational development of the adjacent territory. If applied successfully, the region’s solutions may be extended to other parts of the country.

During the next week we will have the final decision from the Organizers that will define the list of the finalists for the second and last stage of the competition.

Cosmos Architecture’s team will update the news about the competition, hoping that our team is going to be among the finalist for this challenging and exciting project.

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