El Retiro, Antioquia, Colombia

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    Mauricio Villa y Bibiana Arango

A forest house bonded to the landscape

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    House renovation

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Enhance the good and improve what is not working

This project consists of an intervention on an existing house, located on a hill close to a small pine forest, allowing the house to have privileged views of both near and distant landscape and conceding the character of a cozy mountain cabin, a characteristic that was sought to keep.

The strategy implemented for the design of this project was to try to refine to the maximum the formal gestures or volumes and walls that were in excess both inside and on the facades or roofs of the house, in order to propose open and wide spaces and surfaces that allow more efficient use of space and take more advantage of natural lighting and the necessary sunlight to maintain a comfortable temperature inside.

The result is a warm, spacious and illuminated house that adopts a traditional archetypal geometry with a gabled roof and different heights in the social spaces, which merges with an elongated rectangular volume in the bedroom area. Its appearance reminds us of traditional architecture but the simple and austere gestures transport us to a contemporary context.

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