Holistic Wellness Clinic

Qingdao, China

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  • Client:

    Hensheng Real Estate Qingdao Co. Ldt.

Lifelong health & wellbeing. Medical Innovation. Natural Therapies. Healthy Nutrition

  • Include:

    Wellness, Clinic, Healthy Nutrition, Suites, Insula Residences

  • Area:


  • Cost:

    € 11,2 M

  • Sustainability:


  • Status:

    Under construction

  • Key Highlights:

    Winner of “Cultural office space. Innovation Award” Golden Creative Design Award 2020

A journey of discovery of a healthy and conscious lifestyle

Located on the golden beach of China, Insula was born as a space for health and well-being, where its guests have the possibility of enjoying a few days to improve their health. It also has a residence of 16 villas, designed by a famous architect, where you can spend a season of healing.

A connecting wellness center with the people and the sea

The piece is drawn in a compact way, with an almost square floor plan, which makes it more efficient to use and maximizes the use of the available space. It is designed as a large open space, flexible, with the ability to expand and adapt to different needs. To provide interior lighting, the building has a large patio that generates visual connections between the floors.

Light Cube. At night, the building becomes a claim.

The facade has a translucent treatment that allows us to treat the light that reaches the interior. At night, thanks to the interior lighting, the building becomes a sifted cube of light. At night thanks to the interior lightning the building becomes a sifted cube of light.

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