D13 - Audit for improvement, maintenance, rehabilitation and construction Of complementary works in road corridors of the Department of Antioquia (Colombia)

Antioquia , Colombia

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  • Client:

    Gobernación de Antioquia. República de Colombia

Roads are the prime connectors between people, in this case between neighbours in Antioquia Region

  • Include:

    Studies, consulting, Design

  • Area:

    Roads - Highways

  • Cost:

    31 852 810,47 € (88 174 925 917,00 $COP)

  • Status:

    Completed 2017 - 2018

Improvement, Maintenance, Rehabilitation and Construction

Technical, administrative, environmental, financial and legal intervention for the improvement, maintenance, rehabilitation and construction of complementary works on the road corridors: San Pedro de los Milagros - Río Chico (Code 62AN18-1) stage I North Subregion, Entrerríos - Te a Labores - La Apartada - San José de la Montaña (code 62an18 -3) stage i northern sub-region, la usa (river cauca) - Caicedo (code 25BAN06) stage I western sub-region and Concepción - San Vicente (code 62an19-2) Stage I Eastern Subregion of the Department of Antioquia

The complementary necessities to roads require various works executed by the consultants auditing the constructions.

1. Monitor that the parties comply with what is agreed in the contract that gives rise to the Audit Office.

2. Sign the different minutes and documents of the Audit Office and its scope.

3. Follow up and leave a written record of how the contract is being fulfilled, within the terms indicated therein.

The works executed were distributed into 6 tasks

4. Recommend to the parties the adjustments or modifications required by the contract in terms of deadlines, compliance or any other aspect that modifies what was initially agreed upon, which must be in writing and under their own responsibility.

5. Make the logs and keep them updated.

6. Control the execution of resources, in accordance with the work and investment program.

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