Supervision for the construction of complementary works on the runway at El Embrujo airport on the island of Providencia (Colombia) Interventoría para la construcción de obras complementarias de la pista en el aeropuerto El Embrujo de la isla de Providencia (Colombia)

Providencia, Colombia

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    Unidad Administrativa Especial de Aeronáutica Civil

El Embrujo Airport is now a safer landing spot thanks to the extension of its facilities.

  • Include:

    Studies, design, project management, construction management

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  • Cost:

    10 801 074,08 € (30 701 257 398 $COP)

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    Long term

  • Status:

    Completed 2015-2019

El Embrujo airport on the island of Providencia

Project description: The works consist of the supervision of the activities of the complementary works contract and extension of the runway and platform, and runway maintenance at the El Embrujo airport on the island of Providencia. Within the functions of the audit are the surveillance, control, and coordination of the contract, in order to guarantee compliance with the conditions and correlative obligations established therein, especially with regard to technical specifications, physical execution program and investments, as well as technical, environmental, administrative, accounting, legal and financial control, according to the nature of the contract.

El Embrujo airport in Providencia Island has been extended therefore made more effective and safer.

Hard work was done to ensure the perfect execution of the works, as well as a great consultancy review. Working on the design, project, surveillance, organization, and control of all the necessary employees to execute the works.

The works were done for the Special Civil Aeronautic department


1. Review of the project / Delivery of the project to the contractor 2. Control of personnel and equipment / Layout of the project 3. Changes or modifications in the project / Quality control / Final inspection of the work 4. Liquidation of the work contract / Study of the work contract, specifications, and other documents 5. Control of the work program / Review of unit price analysis 6. Review and approval of the work minutes / Review of the work quantity modification minutes.topographic surveying of the inspection chambers, inspection and data collecting from the sewer system

Office work: revising and arranging of the field-collected data, entering the data into the System, areas determination, information control, and errors correction.

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