Constellation Hotel & Planetarium

Al Ula, Saudi Arabia

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The first theme Hotel & Planetarium in the world, based on the Constellations and following the outdoor Bedouin tradition for entertainment and adding a scientific theme.

  • Include:

    Wellness, Suites, Planetarium, Imax screen, Entertainment, Gym, Spa, Healthy Nutrition.

  • Area:

    total surface; 13.484 square meters

  • Cost:

    37,8 mm euros

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  • Status:

    Design phase

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    Not submitted yet

A family oriented hotel in a desert environment following the Saudi tradition for outdoor entertainment.

Located in the surroundings of Al Ula -one of the historic cities in the Kingdom  
which is the most prominent focus for investment in the region- this 115 room
super luxury hotel inspired by the constellations provides a great weekend
a getaway where parents can feature their children the Muslim contribution
to astronomy in an amusing way by sharing experiences such as Imax
movies, star watching, visiting nearby ancient monuments, and outdoor rides.

As close to the stars as it gets

The first Hotel Planetarium in the world will provide a 360-degree angle on tourism given  that it combines the three cornerstones of the Saudi Vision 2030; developing family travel, entertainment  and culture at once. It's shape is based on the dome of the Constellations that we observe in the night sky and in its the central part of the dome opens up to the airspace connecting with a rooftop where telescopes are enjoyed by parents and children to watch the stars in their brightest lights.

Light & color show at night; constellations embedded in the main building provide a sense of awesome.

If there is one instance where this hotel will show at is best is at nightime as the constellations embedded in the dome will change colors at guest’s request providing at once an incredible contrast with the reflections of the light in the bare rock formations… in the purest the darkness of the desert.

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