“Madreporite” Sea Aquarium

Red Sea - Saudi Arabia

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“Madreporite Sea Aquarium” will be the first in the world to lay on the bottom of the ocean at open sea.

  • Include:

    stat of the art aquarium, super regional mall, cinemas, hotel & spa, convention center, children playgrounds

  • Area:

    156.340,000 m²

  • Cost:

    290.000.000,00 €

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  • Status:

    Design phase

  • Key Highlights:

    Not submitted yet

The experience of observing marine life in their natural habitat at the bottom of the sea.

Located on the Red Sea, Madreporite is a sea aquarium based on the body plan of the starfish.
It consists of two parts; the surface which lays above sea level at eyesight is the outer layer
of the sea star, modeled as its “shell”. This area holds a super-regional shopping mall,
restaurants, playgrounds for children, hotel & spa, corporate convention center, and other
leisure activities.

The aquarium proper lays below water and sits on the ground of the sea following the pattern of
the internal structure of the starfish. The public enjoys the marine life sitting on the “tube feet”
a feature of this amazing seawater creature.

A full day of family entertainment in an Iconic spot

An experience that combines tourism, enjoyment and cultural entertainment, the highlights of the Saudi Vision 2030.

A landmark of the area, a venue to drive visitors from far away

Even though the return on investment is quickly achieved simply by the aquarium earnings,
the leisure facilities speed up the revenue stream diversifying at once the sources of income
by avoiding exposure to seasonal ups and downs.

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