Advanced medicine complex

Zibo, China

  • Markets:


  • Services:


  • Client:

    RIBA, U.K

Organic shapes that draw the landscape

  • Include:

    Medical Centre, Building. Offices, Common spaces, Shopping mall, Health Management Centre

  • Area:

    97.565,00 sqm

  • Cost:


  • Status:

    Design phase

Concept design

In an industrial area of Zibo, in China, our client's need arises to create an urban area with tall buildings, hospital, offices and commercial area. Our intention with this project, which is a large pharmaceutical company, is to draw a sinuous drawing on the area, related to the organic and the natural. We are located in an industrial area, typical and functional constructions and where our project acquires a certain prominence. With this drawing we take some rules to be able to locate the program, where in addition to having the towers, we find some buildings of less height, as if they were some parts of a machine. In addition, this will help us to organize the urbanism between both types of buildings.


Within the program we find these areas: 45000m2 medical centre, 13000m2 commercial, 60000m2 office, 149600m2 health management centre. They have an area where there are currently one existing residential building which must be respected. The Chinese construction typology greatly respects the orientation of the sun (North-South) to take advantage of the maximum possible sunlight and has been one of the premises to be able to locate the towers and make the least possible shadow between them. The building with the largest volume in plan, has circular patios that provide natural lighting to the interior of the same, which will be accompanied by vegetation.

Symbol of the advancement

The ambitious project is a symbol of the advancement of healthcare in Canton Province, demonstrating a new approach to healthcare with meaningful civic purpose. Formally, the purpose of the specially designed new facility was to house a wide range of improved health services for the city of Zibo. Consequently, in doing so, the project aims to improve collaboration, staff satisfaction and aims to attract good quality staff and specialists to drive better community health outcomes.

In a programmatic way, designing a space that can facilitate the co-location of specialized services generates many benefits for both the community and the health professionals who work. 

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