Echarate, Peru

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Developing and expanding the airport for visitors to Machu-Picchu

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    Design Phase

Echarate District

Echarate District (or Echarati) is one of fourteen districts of the province La Convención in Peru. The town of Echarte, near the Urubamba River, is the capital of the district. In 2016, part of Echarte district was incorporated into the newly-created Megantoni District. It extends to the north with the department of Ucayali, to the east with the department of Madre de Dios and the districts of Quelloúno and Ocobamba. To the south with the districts of Vilcabamba, Maranura and Santa Ana and to the west with the department of Junín and the districts of Quimbiri and Pichari.

Project description

This project consisted of the different implantation studies for the international airport in the region of Cuzco (Peru). The main objective of the Airport, as well as boosting the area development and increasing services to the population of the province of La Convención (with 165,000 inhabitants), and neighbouring provinces, is to connect thousands of tour- ists who come each year to visit the ruins of Machu Picchu (in the province of Urubamaba, bordering La Convención), declared UNESCO World Heritage site and its surroundings. 

Tourims in Echarate

It is primarily a tourism airport , National as well as International, with the ability to establish connections with North America and Europe. In the city there are several points of interest such as: Echarate Zoo or Municipal Swimming Pool Complex. 

More than 10 different implantation studies were performed in this airport to ensure that the influx of tourism in this area was better managed.

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