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Our Story So Far

Valencia, Spain

Our Story So Far

Valencia, Spain


The COSMOS IVICSA brand was created by a collective synergy of global architects, engineers and consultants striving to generate a better and more sustainable world around us. Our company dates back to 1984 when IVICSA was first founded, and since then our background and history have formed the strong foundations that our business relies on. A key milestone was achieved in 1989 when we designed and built the Olympic Park in Hebron Valley, JJOO Barcelona in 1992.

Our first international contract in 1991 was promoted by the European Commission for Black Sea Studies, which aimed to reduce pollution across the region of sea that accounts for 34% of natural gas and oil imports to the EU.

This international link encouraged us to begin developing airport activity in 1997, where we crucially contributed to the Urban Planning of Castellón Airport, implementing services of Architecture & Design, Engineering Studies, Construction Management and Environmental Services. This successful venture into travel and infrastructure led to our Railway Contract for the High-Speed Train in 1999, which now connects 360 km between Madrid and Valencia in 1 hour and 50 minutes.

In 2005 COSMOS IVICSA continued to internationalise through its own subsidiaries first in Poland, then later in Colombia, Ecuador and many more. Our internationalisation continued to grow, with 2017 marking our emergence into Asian markets, with mega-projects of architecture and infrastructures in several Chinese cities through a new subsidiary in Shanghai, China.

The Architecture and Design department brand was founded in 2019, in which ‘Cosmos Architecture’ won a Masterplan Contract in Senegal of around 5 million sqm. We are developing many residential projects in Colombia where we built more than 7,000 residential apartments. We are also developing a large host of projects in the Middle East.

COSMOS IVICSA proudly became an official United Nations provider in 2019, contributing to the important initiative of creating a healthy and sustainable planet. We value making sustainable and renewable energies, of which are one of the main pillars of our company.


Now, in 2022 our team at COSMOS IVICSA are working towards a stronger and more frequent presence in the digital world. We have an objective to show our projects, services and markets to the world, promoting the benefits of the newer and more sustainable designs that provide a better quality of life for their inhabitants and the world in general. At COSMOS IVICSA our values include commitments of sustainability, ethics, digital innovation and equity, diversion & inclusion; all of which we aim to encourage through our growing social media presence. We have placed significant importance on sharing and expressing our support of world news and celebrated world days, with the aim of encouraging our followers to get involved in, and learn about making our planet better, safer, and more sustainable.

Our social media spreads across a wide host of platforms, including LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Here we hope to express our wide spread, total 360 coverage of the markets we work in; from residential homes, fundamental infrastructures and healthcare, to the metaverse, sustainable smart cities and urban planning.

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