House between walls in Kobe

Kobe, Japan

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Family House in Kobe

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    Design Phase

Urban Harmony

The project is located on a plot between walls in a residential neighbourhood in Kobe. The configuration of the street was the main axis of the project. Distributed over 2 floors, the ground floor facing the street is configured as an opaque panel where the door is integrated. In order to establish harmony with the rest of the dwellings on the same street, at the height of the cornice of the rest of the ground floors, a gap is opened to break the monotony of the façade. The first floor is covered with vertical slats that unify the openings and give privacy to the upper rooms.

English Courtyard

The house has 3 floors, the main floor has access from the street and the private patio-garden. From the courtyard, we can also access the basement, where the leisure and guest areas are located. On the first floor is distributed the most private area of the family.

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