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  • Client:

    Focused to Colombian government

Industrialization has to be considered in a smart way to solve issues of the present

  • Include:

    Social housing prototype

  • Area:

    60m² per housing unit

  • Cost:

    40’000.000 cop per unit

  • Status:

    Design phase

Social housing issues

Normally, social housing projects in Colombia face a large number of conditions that make the implementation of traditional construction systems complex. The distant location of these projects implies high costs of transportation of raw materials and specialized workers. Traditional masonry construction is inefficient, in a certain way, little industrialized in its execution and allows a lot of error in the workmanship, which leads to unnecessary reprocessing

A modular industrialized design

Taking into account the above, the design was developed, based on a modular and prefabricated construction system. This system consists of PVC walls and roofs and a metallic structure, which allows to think about the prefabrication of each house in workshops and transport them pre-assembled to the site. Additionally, the system is easy to install and handle and provides an instant finish.

On the other hand, the spaces of the house were designed in a modular way, distributed around a central patio that provides lighting and ventilation to the interior of the house. Each module has the specific measurements and weight to be transported pre-assembled to the site, avoiding specialized work on-site, streamlining the entire process, and effectively saving costs.

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