Vibrac, France

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A home full of spaces to enjoy generosity, quality and clearness by the sea

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    Tree House Module design

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    Design phase

A nest tower

The experience of inhabiting a treehouse feels very close to what it might be to inhabit a nest. The feeling of security, warmth and shelter as well as the possibility of becoming part of the landscape, keeping a close relationship with nature, constitute an essential part of the atmosphere that this project seeks to reproduce.

In order to achieve that, the project focused on the design of a compact, efficient, and warm habitable module, which could provide all the necessary elements for a variety of uses with the application of minimal changes. This way, stacking different types of this basic modules or nests, it would be able to construct a tower that contains all the living spaces required and even think on a much vaster variety of combinations, while having a really small footprint and a low impact on the surrounding ecosystem and on the wonderful sights of the landscape.

This nest tower silently and gently embrace the trunk of a tree. Like in a symbiotic relationship the visitor receives shelter and the possibility to connect deeply to these beautiful sites, while the tree as well as the whole environment, both natural and human, receives respect and awareness.

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