El Retiro, Antioquia, Colombia

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Finding peace inside

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    Cabin design

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    Design phase

A special commission

The client's commission consisted of creating a prototype of cabins that could be implanted inside a forest area located in eastern Antioquia. Whoever visited these cabins, which would be part of a medical center that seeks to improve the habits of its patients and with it the improvement of their lifestyle, had to find a space that would allow them to disconnect from the world and focus on their interior.

A sanctuary

In order to comply with the requirements of the project, a cylindrical cabin was designed that would focus the visitor's attention towards an interior patio and allow them to have a space to reflect and generate a link with nature that would provide the visitor with serenity and privacy. The shape and materiality of the design create the appearance of an austere sanctuary or refuge, which pays homage to the natural environment within which it is located.

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