Capetown, South Africa

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The proper manipulation of geometry and light gives rise to the design of the whole

  • Include:

    House, Pool and terrace

  • Area:

    430 sqm

  • Cost:

    € 900.000

  • Status:

    Design Phase


Although beauty is a term of discussion and subjectivity for each person, our client wanted to establish the sense of beauty to a degree well above the average, with a single material and as a reference to a work by the architect Luís Barragán.

We have searched for this term through landscaping, silent spaces full of mystery and spirituality. In the end, it makes a whole set that harmonizes with the environment and stands out from the surrounding houses. We liked looking for this challenge for this client, since it was a very characteristic house style, but we love to face new challenges.

Main idea

The idea of design is born from a compact volume, to which pieces are added and subtracted, so that we sculpt the volume, until we achieve spaces of adequate proportion and relationship.

With this we get to play with natural lighting, which for us is decisive. The house has the ability to combine with light through the different openings made in its envelope, so that the spaces change as daylight passes.

The natural lighting and the proportions of the spaces also help to differentiate the character by elements in the envelope according to the degree of intimacy of the interior room, the proportions of the openings in the envelope differ. 


This house is a construction of pure lines in which the organization of the volume has started from a single design premise: the proper manipulation of geometry and light gives rise to the design of the whole. 

On the ground floor, the day area extends throughout the entire built space and highlights the double-height living room; on this floor, the main room occupies a privileged place, reserved and independent from the rest of the house, and a terrace with an infinity pool in the outdoor garden. On the upper floor, two bedrooms and a living room complete the set.

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