Prefeasibility Studies for the Fundación-Barranquilla Railway Line (Colombia)

Fundación-Barranquilla, Colombia

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    Ferroquilla P.S.F.

Connecting Fundación and Barranquilla is key to developing the country with a safe and eco-friendly way of transport.

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    Studies, design, construction management

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    Railway Systems

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    500 000 000 USD $

  • Status:

    Completed 2016

Santa Marta and Barranquilla

The project to which this Pre-Feasibility Study is referred involves the construction of a new railway line. Its starting point will be in the municipality of Fundación, on the current Santa Marta line - Chiriguaná, belonging to the Atlantic Rail Network corridor, and its arrival point in Barranquilla, allowing the logistic connection with the port of the said city. This line also allows direct communication by rail from the ports of Santa Marta and Barranquilla.

The railway connecting the two cities has been designed with six stations.

The railway design has a total length of 157,495,733 meters, and a total of six stations. It has been foreseen yardic gauge (914 mm track gauge between internal rail faces) and 115 lb/yd rail. The generic cross-section is a single track, with a platform width of 7.00 meters; the stations have all been designed with double track, Inter-axis of 4.00 meters, and 1,500 meters of net length.

Both Freight and passenger transport will use the railway line

The projected line will be suitable for freight traffic (merchandise) and for passenger traffic. For this reason, a maximum slope of 10 thousandths (1.00%) and a reference speed of the geometric design of 200 km / h have been considered in the design, which will allow competitive travel times between the cities of Santa Marta and Barranquilla.  

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