Dannam , Saudi Arabia

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  • Client:

    Alsalali Real Estate

A nod to modernity with a game of volumes

  • Include:

    Mall, Retail, Common zones, Restaurant, Parking

  • Area:

    2.050,00 sqm

  • Cost:

    $ 2.250.000,00

  • Status:

    Due for completion in 2020

Concept Design

Perforated facade 
The building’s façade incorporates an approach with a style that calls the traditional and features a double skin, which is relatively uncommon in shopping malls. It consists of a main building envelope designed to seal the building from external elements and a secondary layer, the double skin is lined with Alucobond to create a buffer zone for auxiliary service, when necessary but above all protection from the sun.
The secondary layer of the façade has been designed with aesthetics in mind, helping to attract people to the entrances visually. The dual façade has also been designed to cope with localized site conditions offering optimal thermal performance and dissipation of wind load.

Creative Design

The design intention is to create a distinctive and attractive showrooms, that will interest tenants to rent the units. Cosmos Group designed a cost-efficient space without compromising design and innovation but instead efficiently use economical material in a way to enhance the project.

Site General Characteristics

The land is a square shape of 60m by 60m, giving us a total area of 3,600sqm. The Allowable Footprint is 1,800 sqm (50% of Land). The site has three facades open to street (South, West and North), and the East side is connected by a neighboring land.  The South Façade is facing a Main road, and the site has an access from the main road by a service road, there are also a public parking area which is under the government. Along the same strip located many commercial buildings, but from the back side (North) is where the residential areas are located.

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