“Lingering Soul” Cruise Ship Terminal

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

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“A major attraction not just for cruisers but for citizens alike”

  • Include:

    Super regional mall, restaurants, Hotel & Spa, Corporate convention centre, cinemas. Leisure activities.

  • Area:


  • Cost:

    174.088.879,79 €

  • Sustainability:


  • Status:

    Design phase

  • Key Highlights:

    Not submitted yet

Not just for perusal of the cruise passengers themselves but rather of the citizens of the town and tourists alike.

Located on Jeddahs’ corniche, rather than being just a breakwater to accommodate the logistics of the cruisers the concept of this cruise ship terminal changes radically as it enjoys 112 thousand square meters for other venues comprising major leisure activities and at once helps to redefine the skyline of the city. Income revenue stream comes not just from cruisers but from daily traffic from citizens.

Iconic design that still maximizes the use of space as it sustains on pillars.

“Lingering Soul” Cruiseship terminal solves the cruise ship industry revolving problem of lack of growth due to limited space as its structure sustains on pillars on the bottom of the sea.  By adding ribs to the manta ray fish layout it can fit up to six large cruiseships.

Redefining the skyline of the city; Jeddah’s new landmark both at daylight and nightime.

A super-regional Shopping Mall, Restaurants, Hotel & Spa, Corporate Convention Centre, cinemas; citizens of Jeddah will flock in herds to enjoy the attractions and as well it will drive massive amounts of tourists from abroad as it is meant to be the the main landmark of the city.

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