Moscow, Russia

  • Markets:

    RETAIL ,

  • Services:


  • Client:


Mesh simulating wine bottles and wine corks

  • Include:

    Shop, Winery

  • Area:

    91 sqm

  • Cost:

    € 55.000

  • Status:

    Design Phase

Main idea

The idea of the design of this wine store was born from visualizing the wine corks arranged together, since when you see the bottles horizontally, you usually only see the stoppers, since the glass of the bottles is usually dark green. We liked the idea of recreating and making a similarity with a circular perforated mesh and illuminated from behind, with this in addition to having the sale bottles, we could recreate that main idea both on the shelves and in the separation door with the tasting room . With this we achieve uniformity and a single design criterion for the entire space.


The wine store was made up of a large entrance hall with access to a small office where you could do a small service to the tasting area, be able to wash the glasses and be able to prepare an aperitif for customers. Next to the corridor we find the customer service desk, taking advantage of the opening in the size of the corridor. Right after is the storage area and shows the different bottles of wine that the store offers to buy. Some of the shelves with wine bottles are hinged doors that enter the tasting area, when it is open it is because there will be activity inside and when it is closed it prevents customers from accessing this more private area.


We wanted the finishes of the wine shop to be elegant, in addition our client wanted to change the image of the premises but without spending a lot of money, so he did not want to change it. For everything else we seek to give it elegance and warmth with the choice of materials, for this we think about using wood, since in the winemaking process it is a very important material and finished in black, to give an elegant character to the store, in addition to making the labels of the bottles stand out more when exposed. 

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