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Cosmos Architecture has participated in Open House

Valencia, Spain

Cosmos Architecture has participated in Open House

Valencia, Spain

Cosmos is pleased to announce that this year for the first time we have participated to architectural festival called Open House Valencia. The Open House Valencia -OHV- festival is a privileged event in the city with its most precious architecture. Many buildings open their doors, exhibiting their functional, typological and formal uniqueness.

The capital of the Turia thus joins other great metropolises such as New YorkMilanAthensLisbon, etc. inviting all members of the international community to explore the collective space, entering the architectural universe to enjoy the richness of its history and cultural diversity.

Open House Valencia is a multidisciplinary project open to all that was born with the aim of helping to live and enjoy the architecture, landscape and urban art of the city, promoting new ways of contemplating and inhabiting it.

It is a solidarity, non-profit and transversal initiative, based on social cohesion and on the participation of the greatest number of urban actors: students, young people, professionals, technicians, artists, musicians, merchants, etc.

During a weekend infrastructures, squares, gardens and buildings can be visited and explained by the architects and designers who conceived, transformed, restored and made them possible.

Open House Valencia returns next year 2021 with new energies and opportunities for all those interested in cultural and architectural dissemination.

After a first edition opening the doors of almost fifty buildings, the main objective that this year is set is to considerably expand the number of works open to the public, revealing the most hidden of the architectures.

The exhibition aims to facilitate a better knowledge of Valencian architecture, bringing the visitor closer to the vocabulary and keys of contemporary urban culture.

It is intended that citizens regain prominence by offering them a balance of the evolution of the capital of Turia and the wide range of alternatives and strategies for the future open to the new millennium.

Cosmos Architecture in Open House Valencia 2020

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