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Madrid, Spain


Madrid, Spain


What has changed since 1961?

Exactly 60 years ago, on April 13th, 1961, Yuri Gagarin traveled to Space for the first time in history. He made his first orbital flight around the Earth in an hour and 48 minutes on board of the Vostok 1 space capsule, 320 km above Earth's soil.

Precisely for this reason, in 2011 the United Nations made April 12th the International Day of Human space Flight to celebrate the beginning of space travel for humanity, the importance of the scientific and technological contribution made by space missions in achieving the development goals of nations and people and at the same time maintaining peaceful international relations in space.

The journey of Yuri Gagarin, a Soviet citizen, marked the beginning of a real historical era just 4 years after the first launch of an artificial satellite, Sputnik I, also by the USSR. After this great and successful mission, the men and women who have taken part in space flights have been hundreds.


Space travel & Architecture

As indicators of the re-emergence of Space Age, these will all pave the way for architecture, art and creativity. As humans, we have a deep connection with nature and the cosmos. Our interaction and bonds with these two are important for us to make sense of life. Therefore, our designs and style seek to bring comfort and a deeper interconnection between humans and architecture.

Space travel to monitor the Earth and improve life

However, speaking of space missions, we often run into questions and reflections. Space travel, even though fascinating and very popular in the world, it is seen as an activity very far from our daily routines. Therefore, it is natural to wonder why so much effort and money are invested in this sector. In fact, the benefit traits are not so far from our everyday life.

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