Sant Louis, Senegal

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This concept of outdoors space joined housing is one of the main pieces of our architecture

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    House, Pool and terrace

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    790 sqm

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    Design Phase

Patio house

The patio is frequently disposed like a zone with multiple utilities, from the leisure zone patio to an air circulating space, definitively it can be said that it consists on a space which is able to content a place. Maybe that is why it appears in various forms in our architecture, regardless of its placement or shape. It is simply a space which provides many features which are impossible to reach without it. That is what we know as patio house is a type of architecture which is spread till antiquity. This concept of outdoors space joined housing is one of the main pieces of our architecture. It is an idea wide analyses which lefts aside the different types of patios which were developed, focusing mainly the way they changed the idea of inhabiting.


The project is located in a privileged environment, between the dunes of the Atlantic Ocean and the
Senegal river. It is a unique combination of environments (mangroves, sand dunes, the Senegal River, the
Langue de Barbarie, tidal wetlands, the beach and the ocean). The Parc National de la Langue de Barbarie
(Langue de Barbarie National Park) was established on January 9, 1976. The park was created for the
protection of important sea turtle nesting sites and is also an important migratory bird sanctuary.. Langue de Barbarie National Park has a rich and varied ecosystem. 


The house is located a few meters from the Senegal River. It is a quiet, low-density area, where it has been sought to respect the aesthetic and urban parameters of the nearest homes, always seeking the maximum possible integration with the environment.

Materials without great luxuries and from the area give warmth and we have searched for it to have a more conceptual and contemporary image.

This large patio has a more private character and is made up of an elongated infinity pool, different terraces and an outdoor dining area.. With this patio, living room, dining room and the master bedroom are obtaining privileged views of the beach. 

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