Pre-feasibility Studies of the La Caro - Belencito Railway Line APP (Colombia)

La Caro, Belencito , Colombia

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    SOFCA – Sociedad Férrea Centro Andino

Renewing the existing railway connecting La Caro and Belencito is key to developing the country with a safe and eco-friendly way of transport

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    Studies, design, construction management

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    Railway Systems

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    236 606 636,61 € (627 007 287 019,85 COP)

  • Status:

    Completed 2014 - 2015

Ferrocarril del Nordeste

This action includes the feasibility studies of the proposal for a public-private alliance for the reconstruction, rehabilitation, modernization, administration, operation, maintenance, and exploitation of the railway line called Ferrocarril del Nordeste, La Caro-Belencito.

The railway connecting the two cities is interrupted in more than 100 spots making it non-operational

The railway line corresponding to the La Caro - Belencito corridor is 228 km long with a superstructure formed with wood and concrete sleepers, limestone ballast, and rails between 90 and 60 lb/yd. Locally it crosses the departments of Cundinamarca and Boyacá.

Various documents where prepared to make the feasibility study as effective as possible

Currently, the road is interrupted at more than one hundred points so its operation is nil. The feasibility realized
comprises the following documents:
• Study of the demand.
• Study of topography and geometry.
• Study of hydraulics, hydrology and scour.
• Geotechnical and geological study.
• Study of the quality of the road geometry.
• Diagnosis and use of the existing infrastructure and superstructure.
• Design for the concession of tunnels, bridges, pontoons and viaducts.
• Environmental, social and property analysis.
• Additional studies and analysis.
• Budgets and programming.

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