Kemeri National Park, Latvia

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    Bee Breaders, Nature Conservation Agency Republic of Latvia

A tower made out of landscape

  • Include:

    A buildable observation structure situated along the boardwalk system, that would allow visitors new ways to view and experience the Great Kemeri Bog.

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  • Cost:

    The recommended budget for the project was US $50k

  • Status:

    Design phase

The moss in the spotlight

As if it were a fold in the landscape, the moss rises in front of the visitor, who, seduced by its beauty, observes it as a painting with an enormous richness of textures and pigments that invite him to come closer and appreciate what before was unnoticed under his feet. The moss rises interrupting the horizon as the main protagonist of the spectacle performed by the nature of the park. Allowing us to appreciate all of its beauty not only from the top of a tower but also from the ground.

A gentle promenade that gives us time for reflection

The visitor's path is contained within two moss walls and the modular wooden structure which frames the visitor visuals in different heights as they walk along the promenade, allowing him to interact with the landscape in different ways and giving him time to reflect around his relationship with the natural environment that surrounds him now and in his daily life during a journey with a gentle slope.

An efficient construction system

The construction system of the project was designed in such a way that it was possible to carry out efficient construction without the need for labor or highly specialized machinery. Therefore,  a modular system of wooden elements joined by bolts and metallic plates were designed, which allowed having elements of low weight and size easy to manipulate, and when joined could generate a stable structure and reach the required height and complexity.

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