Barranquilla, Atlántico, Colombia

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    Jose María Vecino

Appreciate the landscape from the freshness of a home integrated to nature.

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    House design

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    Design phase

An amazing site

The Project is located inside a golf club over a small mountain, offering wonderful views over the golf court, a series of lakes and a plain that extends into the distance until it reaches the sea. The project tries to make the most of these qualities by directing the visuals of each space towards this landscape and developing an attractive promenade across different levels, aiming to integrate all the spaces into the natural environment and the sloped terrain. For this, patios and water elements were located inside the house providing visual richness and freshness. This was complemented by the use of raised heights for the spaces, large windows for good ventilation and wide eaves on the roofs, protecting the house from the strong sunlight it receives.

The shape of the house

The program of the house was solved in three main groups, the first corresponds to the social and service area, the second to the guest area, wet area and office, and the third group corresponds to the private areas. The first two groups understood as rectangular volumes, are located forming an L shape over a grading on the ground, favoring the more social spaces with better views. The third volume was located on the second floor offering privacy to the main bedrooms and allowing them to have unbeatable views.


On the other hand, natural materials such as marble and light-colored stones were chosen were selected, aiming to integrate the look of the house into the landscape, to use durable material and to provide freshness and some interesting reflections of the surrounding vegetation and the distant landscape to the house. In addition, the atmosphere of the house was complemented with a few touches of wood that provided some homely warmth and elegance.

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