Alto de las palmas, Envigado, Antioquia, Colombia

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  • Client:

    Larry Posada y Astrid Moreno

Living around a patio

  • Include:

    A house with large social interior and exterior areas, an open kitchen, one master bedroom with walking closet and bedroom, 3 secondary bedrooms also with walking closet and independent bedrooms, TV room, service bedroom, laundry room, covered garage for 4 cars, storage room, large terrace with jacuzzi and Turkish bath.

  • Area:


  • Cost:

    $1.500’000.000 cop

  • Status:

    Design phase

Around a patio

The Project is located inside an isolated housing development. However, it was difficult to generate privacy from neighbours, for this reason, it was sought to generate a design that incorporated partially closed facades and perched elements but also a design, that would be articulated around a central patio, which could provide light and ventilation to the less favoured spaces and which could become a fundamental landscape and ornamental element inside the house, taking into account that desire of the owners of having a very close link with nature within the Project.

Simplicity and elegance

Both the materiality of the house and its volume allude to a simple, forceful elegant design that dialogues very well with the natural environment and with the tastes of the client, who aspire to have a home that transmits serenity and security. The designed volume presents an L-shaped scheme, opening the house to the only interesting view and placing the patio at the vertex of the L, around which all the corridors of the house would take place. Additionally, in order to make the most of the exterior space of the lot, the house was designed on two levels. A lower level, where the service, social and guest areas were located and an upper level destined only to the private spaces of the house. Each level was given a different materiality. The lower level was thought of as a black zocalo, generating the effect as if the upper volume were suspended above the ground.  

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