C17 - Environmental Impact Study for the Modification and Expansion of the Airport Gerardo Tobar López de Buenaventura. (Colombia)

Buenaventura, Colombia

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The study of the environmental impact of large civil works such as airports benefits both the economy of the region and the well-being of the surrounding communities

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    Consulting, Technical assistance

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    136.630,00 € (472.584.000,00 COP)

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    Completed 2016-2017

Modification and expansion works at the city's Gerardo Tobar López Airport (GTL)

In order to carry out modification and expansion works at the city's Gerardo Tobar López Airport (GTL)
of Buenaventura, the environmental impact study was prepared to provide the Local Environmental Authority (Agencia de
Environmental Protection –EPA of Buenaventura), a frame of reference and the necessary technical and environmental information for decision-making on the environmental viability of the works already mentioned in the GTL. Such information
It is composed of the characterization and primary and secondary compilation of the abiotic, biotic, socioeconomic environment and cultural, where you can identify the environmental impacts that are derived or may be generated as a result of the development of the works and activities, to establish the management measures that should be adopted.

Environmental viability for the expansion of the airport's capacity

The project has, among other purposes, to define the environmental viability for the expansion of the capacity of the Gerardo Tobar López airport, within the main activities it is intended to develop the extension of the length of the runway by an additional 400 meters, in order to allow aircraft operations of greater cargo and passenger capacity. As a consequence of the above, the current facilities of the airport terminal to the new needs and requirements of the services that are intended to be improved and incorporated.

Adaptation of road infrastructure

Within the scope of the activities of the project for the modification and expansion of the Gerardo Tobar López airport (GTL) in the city of Buenaventura, the adaptation of the existing road infrastructure to the interior will be carried out,
as well as the external routes that are required to access it. These accesses are defined as departmental, municipal and rural (roads), in which the adaptation activities are subject to the designs. Likewise, the project proposes the construction of new roads to access the ZODMEs, which will be carried out in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 4 "Demand, Use and Exploitation" of this Impact environmental study. The valuation of these distances arises from the calculations made to access any sector of the area from the airport where the locations can be located, from the existing roads complying with parameters
technical and environmental.

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