Assistance for Construction Management of the restoration and adaptation of the Building No. 7 of Valencia North Train Station for administrative use

Valencia, Spain

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    Generalitat Valenciana / Consellería de Infraestructuras y Transporte

The restoration of the building number 7, in Valencia-North Train Station, was commissioned by the Transport General Direction of the Generalitat Valenciana, with the aim to restore and adapt it for an administrative use

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    Offices, Mixed Use

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    € 806.067,26

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The starting point of the project was the respect of the architectural features of the building, because it is a historical building, protected by the Catalogue of the PGOU of Valencia

Therefore, the interventions, regarding architectural container restoration, were composed by two types of actions:

• The replacement and restoration of all damaged parts.

• The elimination of all added improperly that were distorting the original architecture, such as sheds and stands super- imposed on the east facade, rolling shutters, false ceilings, partitions, and interior buildings that trumped unitary image of the building.

The new element raised to solve the functional program was a mezzanine

The new element raised to solve the functional program was a mezzanine that places inside the building, a platform separated from the walls of factory which composed the building. The mezzanine is connected to the ground floor by metallic light stairs, and is supported by metallic girders. The only closed element of it is a prism that integrates the elevator and a place for air conditioning machinery. This prism is treated as an element of furniture, which does not come up to the ceiling.

The mezzanine floor as an office function. The different workspaces (secretary, office area and meetings rooms) are separated from each other with screens that do not reach the ceiling or with own furniture. This diaphanous floor plan is open on the ground floor with a balcony.

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