Assistance Detailed designs for the construction of the BOSA III Main Line Bogotá (Colombia)

Bogotá, Colombia

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  • Client:

    Empresa de acueducto y alcantarillado de Bogotá (EAAB)

Water network is our primary need

  • Include:

    Consulting, Technical assistance

  • Area:

    Water treatment

  • Cost:

    1 881 490,00 € (4 985 938 728,43 $COP)

  • Status:

    Completed 2012-2013

Improving the service under optimal conditions of quality

As a result of the Update of the Master Plan of the Main Network, some works are recommended aimed at increase the capacity of the existing infrastructure due to recent growth, in the particular case of the Kennedy / Bosa area, which currently has low pressure problems in the aqueduct service. The construction of a line is planned to reinforce the service for this area, improving the service under optimal conditions of quality.

Making the water network efficient is the best way to develop a city

The line is projected at the pre-design level in the Projection of San Bernardino Avenue from Cali City Avenue to El Tintal Avenue. The estimated corridor is on a projection road that is held by the IDU Urban Development Institute, according to information and cartography provided by the Institute on corridors of roads projected for the City of Bogotá.

Bogotá need this water network development

This proposed line of 24 ”and 1970m, in the Master Plan of Aqueduct of Bogotá and the municipality of Soacha, executed by the firm CD-Smith will be fed by the new 16” line in the projection of Avenida San Bernardino with Avenida Ciudad de Cali which is part of the hydraulic sector S0501. The proposed line is expected to work in the 60-40m pressure range.

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