A09 - Technical Assistance to the Plant Construction Works Management Moncofa Desalination Plant and Complementary Works (Castellón).

Moncofa , Castellon Country, Spain

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  • Client:

    Gobierno de España / Aguas de las Cuencas Mediterráneas

Water treatment is our primary need

  • Include:

    Consulting, Technical assistance

  • Area:

    Water treatment

  • Cost:

    € 50,870,537,41

  • Status:

    Completed 2009-2013

Technical assistance to the management

This work consisted of technical assistance to the management of the construction works of the Moncofa desalination plant and complementary works, with a daily production capacity of 30,000 m³ / day of drinking water.
This daily production corresponds to an annual production of 9.90 Hm³ / year in an operation period of
330 days a year.

The project collects water and makes it drinkable

The desalination plant is developed on a plot near the Belcaire river as it passes through the town of
Moncofa, next to AP 7, in the municipality of the same name. A total of 41,790 meters of pipes with diameters between 400 and 1,200 mm are installed. and GRP and HDPE materials.

The work done includes various parts

The work includes the definition and assessment of the following units:

Seawater intake and pumping station.
Desalination plant with a production capacity of 30,000 m³ / day.
Discharge into the sea of ​​the brine from the desalination plant itself and of the brine from the desalination plants of Nules and Vall D'Uixó, through a land outlet and a submarine outfall.
Plant storage and product water pumping.
Product water distribution network.

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