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Madrid, Spain


Global Wind Day is celebrated on June 15th every year. It's an international event to raise awareness regarding the importance of wind energy and the power it holds to change the world, improve energy systems, and decarbonize economies.

On this day, we learn not just about how wind power leads to a greener planet, but also about job creation and employment opportunities for many people.


Wind energy

Wind power is one of the fastest-growing renewable energy technologies.

Wind is used to produce electricity using the kinetic energy created by air in motion. This is transformed into electrical energy using wind turbines or wind energy conversion systems. Wind first hits a turbine’s blades, causing them to rotate and turn the turbine connected to them. That changes the kinetic energy to rotational energy, by moving a shaft which is connected to a generator, and thereby producing electrical energy through electromagnetism.

Wind in architecture

Wind, in turn, exerts load on the building, which can be reduced with aerodynamic forms and resisted with structural systems. This establishes a relationship between wind conditions, the building itself, and the structure that stabilizes the form against these wind conditions.

Wind Turbine

A wind turbine is a small engineering masterpiece which appears deceptively simple. The most common type is the classic horizontal axle wind turbine made up of a nacelle and rotor, usually with 3 blades at the end of it. Vertical axle wind turbines are less common due to air resistance problems.

Mainly, the wind’s kinetic energy is converted into mechanical energy by the rotor. A gear box transforms the blades slow rotations (between 18 and 25 per minute) into faster rotations (up to 1,800 per minute) that can power the electric generator. The electric generator converts the mechanical energy into electricity. A transformer transfers the electricity from one circuit to another, modifying its characteristics.

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