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St. Louis, Senegal


St. Louis, Senegal

The new resort in Langue de Barbarie located in Saint Louis, Senegal, is currently the biggest development in West Africa. This unique project has been designed by Cosmos Architecture, the design department of CosmosIvicsa, to make living in paradise a reality for those who want it.

This beautiful resort is found among the dunes of the Atlantic Ocean and the Senegal river. An area that creates a unique combination of environments where mangroves, sand dunes, tidal wetlands and the ocean come together to form a magnificent landscape. The resort will be extended over an area of 3.500.000,00 sqm.

Langue de Barbarie is a magical place to be in, surrounded by a rich and large ecosystem, it is the perfect place for nature lovers, sightseers, photographers, bird watchers or any other person that would love to be immersed in a scenery of silence and peace.

This emblematic project commences with the idea of designing and creating a never seen master plan, with white sand as its starting point and a direct connection to the beach. Therefore, it is the perfect place to relax, spend quality time and simply enjoy life. 

The design consists of public areas, residential zone, hotel and villas. Moreover, as an advantageous addition, a luxurious shopping centre, which will be distributed over an area of 140,000 sqm, will be available for every person that decides to settle down in this amazing place. The project is currently in its design phase and the estimated cost of this project will be around €700m.

ECO HUT HOTEL, a beyond belief hotel which is located inside the resort and contains several facilities such as: Restaurant, Cocktail Bar, Outdoor terrace, Indoor terrace, Meeting rooms, Swimming Pools, Leisure room, Administration area, Public area, Private Huts and a Parking Area. Constructed within an extent of about 37.400 sqm with a capacity of 45 simple huts for two people (44 sqm) and 15 big huts for four to five people (88 sqm).

Furthermore, a concept worth highlighting is the construction of houses with small shops that are built on an area of 6.240 sqm. This area will help 60 families to keep on promoting local consumption, rewarding fair and responsible models of production that will enhance family quality of life. In addition, residential buildings with capacity for 24 families will be a part of this incredible scenario, with a construction area of 4.080 sqm.

Last but not least, the luxury shopping complex will be constructed in an area of 8.640 sqm, with capacity for 54 commercial premises. Having the chance to live next to a luxurious complex is a one in a lifetime opportunity since you won’t have the necessity to travel long distances in order to fulfill your leisure and entertainment needs.

Additionally, this Master Plan provides with a high-quality security system, meaning that residents will feel safe and secure. As well, the design focuses on sustainability and the importance that relies on being respectful to the environment in order to allow nature to be present within this planning. The design itself forms part of different sectors such as: residential, hospitality, retail, master planning, urban planning and mixed use, making it complex and exigent.

Having fantastic views and connection to the beach is very important. Therefore, the resort is built around that idea and space is used wisely. The boundaries of the plots are removed with the purpose of giving residents the feeling of living along the beach.

In Langue de Barbarie, each day brings a different and sacred scenery, making every 24 hours extremely special and beautiful in its own way. It is a challenge to be able to incorporate such a great design into such a fresh place, full of the amazing nature that the earth provides.

CosmosIvicsa has been noticed for the brilliantly detailed architecture and design that identifies every project they have worked on. This is further illustrated by the IIDA AWARD which they received in 2022 for the project in Saint Louis, Senegal. The impressive designs they have created and what they have put into place in various locations is what differentiates them from others. With over 200 projects completed since the beginning of their trajectory, they have shown what they are capable of. Langue de Barbarie is just another project that serves as evidence of the astounding work CosmosIvicsa excels at, in which governments and the public sector can constantly trust.


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