New regulatory and service demands often conflict with the constraints of aging infrastructure, outdated technologies and tightening budgets

Cosmos’s landscape architects create thoughtful, sustainable landscape design. We work on a diverse range of projects at all scales and geographies.

Contemporary landscape design must tackle many pressing global challenges including urbanization, climate change and habitat loss. Our approach has a priority to design inspiring and welcoming places. Importantly, they are complemented by strategies to deliver liveable cities, ensure biodiversity net gain, resilience to climate change, and better resource management.

Our design proposals are driven by consideration of how they can influence the liveability and resilience of our environment, as well as applying a technical understanding of interconnected systems across the water, ecology, transport, energy, and waste.

Our landscape architects help steer sustainable outcomes at the outset of any project at all scales. We contribute to strategic development plans,masterplansfor new cities, districts, and mixed-use developments, majorinfrastructureprojects as well as streetscapes, public realm, and green building solutions.

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