Your city relies on a complex web of systems and services to survive

Your city relies on a complex web of systems and services to survive. As independent experts in the built environment, we understand how technology can be used to help cities thrive. Arup sees smart cities as one of the tools for urban development, with people at the heart of the process. We advise policymakers, executives, city departments, developers, and industry on defining how much to invest and how much value they can get from being 'smart'. Our range of services covers strategy and organisation, urban informatics, business systems and architecture, and infrastructure advice that, taken together or individually, will help deliver smart services.


Understanding the opportunity 
Just how big an opportunity is this? Our report for the UK’s Department for Business, Innovation, and Skills (BIS) estimates the smart cities industry will be worth more than $400bn globally by 2020. We work with different organizations, including national and city governments, and industrial clients, to develop an understanding of what ‘smart’ could mean for their city, to identify the value smart technology will create, and to understand the opportunities smart cities present. 

Keeping technology open
Technology brings greater benefits to cities when it is used in an open and collaborative way. We believe that digital infrastructure should be designed in a way that enables flexibility to different needs.
Implementing smart

Cosmos draws upon different disciplines, including engineering, architecture, urban design, and economics, to design smart technology plans and systems. 


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