Teruel, Spain

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    Gobierno de Aragon / Suelo y Vivienda de Aragon

It is conceived as an airport where aeronautical companies from all over the world can establish their operations in a strategic location and under highly competitive operating conditions

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    Road access, Development industrial zone, Airport facilities

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    340 Ha

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Teruel airport

Teruel Airport is an international aeronautical industrial hub located near the center of the European aerospace industry, and known as the Teruel airport platform, PLATA. Ideal for industrial aeronautical development thanks to the characteristics that define it: 340 hectares, The largest MRO in Europe.
Long-stay parking capacity for 250 aircraft, International airport with congestion-free airspace, Easy access to all services with high quality workmanship and Aeronautical business base.

Project description

The Works concerning this Conceptual Design were divided into:Airport facilities such as: runway and airstrip, service platform and parking lot, long term parking platform and taxiway that connects the above mentioned structure. In addition, a control and service building, a fire department building and a power station have been designed, Development of the industrial zone adjacent to the airport facilities, destined for industrial activity directly or indirectly related with the future airport facilities, Road access both to the airport facilities and to the industrial zone, which are connected between one another with the existing road network, Channeling and detouring two gullies La Rambla de Molares and el Barranco Hondo that cross the investment area of the future construction and Potable water, gas, electricity and telecommunication connection for the whole complex designed.

Airport characteristics

If it comes to the above mentioned airport facilities, the construction of a runway of 2.825 meters long is being consid- ered, which corresponds to the classification 4E of the enclosure 14 for ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization). A parking platform consisting of 6 places 100m x 100 m and a long term parking lot for 156 planes, 60 planes type E7D and 96 planes type C are planned. 

Execution period for the designed facilities is twenty months.


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