Studies and designs for the maintenance of the Antonio Nariño Airport runway. El Pasto Department (Colombia).

Nariño, Colombia

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    Unidad Administrativa Especial de Aeronautica Civil

El Pasto Airport has a maintenance plan to give the best service to its users.

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    Unidad Administrativa Especial de Aeronautica Civil

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    7 947 196,03 € (21 940 486 268,50 $COP)

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    Completed 2016

The Antonio Nariño Airport Runway

The Antonio Nariño Airport Runway in the municipality of Pasto is built on a plateau that rises 50 meters above the surrounding terrain. In addition, the runway is relatively short for the altitude at which the airport is located, it has a length of 2,130 m. The orientation of the track is such that it is frequently disabled by the presence of strong crosswinds that prevent takeoff and landing from being carried out safely. This is usually in the summer months, especially in the month of August.

Maintenance of infrastructure is key to a sustainable world

Therefore, it was necessary to carry out studies and designs of the pavement to obtain an alternative of periodic maintenance, in order that the useful life of the pavement is prolonged and guarantee airport security in accordance with the provisions of Law 105 of 1993 and Decree 260 of 2004, guaranteeing the development of civil aviation and the airspace administration in conditions of safety and efficiency, in accordance with the policies, plans, and government programs in economic-social and international relations matters.

Various studies were made to ensure the sustainability and long term safety of the Airport

During the development of the contract, the Hydraulic, Geotechnical, Pavement and Geometric Design studies were carried out on the track in order to present improvement alternatives for the proper operation of the Airport.

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