Marshes, Iraq

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    Ministry of Education of Iraq

A different School Experience

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    Design Phase

The purpose of school

The school is designed to establish a connection with the past tradition of the community and to be context-sensitive. The water connection and the integration of the traditional way of living in this place mixed with the traditional material from the area had a crucial role in the design process.
This area was once rich with water and life now devoid of its most peculiar connotations, it is important to reconnect the relationship of daily life with water and bring this connection to the present day without neglecting tradition. The design makes the school a pivot point between land and water by introducing a small harbor that could help the villages around to reach this place through the complex system of marshes waterways. 

Site Results

The site results divided in two areas and allows the community to develop rhythmically their activities and daily rituals. The identity of the construction finds the fundamentals in the culture of the place. The position and the surroundings of the area generate two grids which have been decisive for the final shape of the building, which is composed of two intersecting volumes. A volume follows the north direction of the area and contains the classrooms. The largest volume is instead oriented according to the landscape and the elements that surround the area, in particular the relationship land-water.

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