Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia

  • Markets:

    OFFICE ,

  • Services:


  • Client:


A space that seeks calm through light and simplicity

  • Include:

    Apartment renovation

  • Area:


  • Cost:

    40’000.000 Cop

  • Status:

    Design phase

A Simple yet Conscious Design

This project consists of the adequation of a small office for a company that provides healthcare services, focused on improving people's lifestyles. Understanding the identity that the client seeks to consolidate within his company, it was proposed a design that reflected cleanness, calm, simplicity, and warmth. For this, a range of very light colors was used for wall and floor finishes, combined with touches of wood. Additionally, opaque glass divisions were chosen to divide the space, which allows generating certain privacy without interrupting the passage of light throughout the whole space.

The distribution of the space is quite simple. A waiting room is located next to the entrance from which you can access, through a central corridor, to the offices, located in the back, and the bathroom, located towards one of the sides of the space.

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