Drafting of the Project and Direction of the Drinkable Water Supply Works probe at Castellón Airport from the Vilanova D’Alcolea

Vilanova de l’Alcolea Castellón , Spain

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    Generalitat Valenciana / EPSAR

Drinkable Water needs to be sent to the airport.

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    Consulting, Technical assistance

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    Water works

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    5 787 722,07 €

  • Status:

    Completed 2010

The drafting of the project and the Directorate of the Water Supply Works

The scope of the work consisted of the drafting of the project and the Directorate of the Water Supply Works drinking water to the municipalities of Torre Endomenech, Vilanova D’Alcolea, Benlloch, and Vall d’Alba, including the connection to Castellón Airport.

The water supply in areas with no other network are as necessary as ones connected


The water catchment is based on a capacity made at a depth of 990 meters and water at the level — 470 m. The excavation system for the catchment pipeline was drilling through rotation with reverse circulation.

It is raised by means of a 500 kW vertical submersible pump, driven by a speed variator, up to an accumulation tank with a volume of 5,175 m3. The pump flow for the duty point is 70 liters per second.

More than 14 km water network is necessary

Once in the reservoir, the water is distributed through a network of pipes of more than 14 kilometers to 6 municipalities.

The supply pipeline network was executed using a ductile iron pipe with a diameter of 400 mm, running mainly through farmland.

The scope of the work also included the monitoring and control of health and safety and environmental monitoring in all phases.

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