El Retiro, Antioquia, Colombia

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    Silvia Olarte

A house bonded to its natural and cultural context

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    House design

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    Design phase

A strong cultural and natural context

The region where this project is located stands out for preserving a very traditional aesthetic in its constructions and the client wanted his house to have an aesthetic that alludes to this tradition but with features of a contemporary aesthetic. In addition, the project lot has a beautiful and abundant natural environment, which should be highlighted through the design.

Design concept

Taking these conditions into account, we developed a design of a house with ample proportions but with an austere aesthetic, typical of the region. The shape of the house is divided into two main volumes with gabled roofs. The first volume contains the social spaces and the second the private ones, both are linked by corridors that run along the house accompanied by interior patios that emphasize the value of the natural environment within the project and that allow that the user is in permanent contact with vegetation. On the other hand, the visuals of all the rooms of the house are oriented towards a near forest or the distant view of surrounding mountains.

Both the orientation of the spaces and the distribution of them, as well as the volume of the house and the choice of materials pay tribute not only to the construction tradition of the region but also to its natural context. The warmth, austerity, simplicity of the materials and formal gestures of the house allow the natural environment and the life that takes place inside to always be the protagonists of the project.

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