Audit of the Feasibility Studies and Designs of the project airport infrastructure "EL DORADO II”, of the Master Plan El Dorado International Airport of the City of Bogotá (Colombia)

Bogotá, Colombia

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    Agencia Nacional de Infraestructura - ANI

The enlargement of the Dorado Airport in Bogotá is a sign of growing of the Colombian Capital City

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    Feasibility Studies, design, construction management

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    910 318 585,02 € (2 307 632 964 116,00 $COP)

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    Completed 2017-2018

Project description

Professional services were provided for the technical supervision of the studies and designs of Architecture and Engineering to Feasibility, in accordance with the provisions of Laws 1508 of 2012 and 1682 of 2013 and the regulations that modify or replace the infrastructure project called "El Dorado II Airport" in accordance with the Plan Master of the El Dorado II Airport carried out by the aeronautical authority AEROCIVIL, ensuring that the studies technicians were in accordance with the regulations applicable to the development of the airport, road, and rail projects.

In the case of the airport, they must comply with at least the provisions of the Colombian Aeronautical Regulations - RAC, AEROCIVIL standards, ICAO annexes, IATA manuals, and FAA regulations; for roads the standards of the INVIAS (Instituto Nacional de Vías - Colombia) and the applicable standards for the railroad mode. By way of must comply with the provisions of the Law of Public Private Associations Law 1508 and its current regulatory decrees and other Colombian and international regulations applicable in design, construction, operation, and maintenance that apply to the purpose of the project.

Making the Dorado Airport more visible in the world, makes the country of Colombia more present worldwide.


1. Phase II: Studies and designs of the El Dorado II infrastructure project.

2. Phase IV: technical structuring

The Feasibility study was done to ensure the possibility of this project to take place. IVICSA made a meticulous study.

The process has been done in two stages. The first stage was studies and designs of the El Dorado II infrastructure project. The Technical structuring was the second stage.

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