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Valencia, Spain

Modeling Software

During later stages of architectural and engineering modeling, it is very common for firms to utilize the Building Information Modelling (BIM) process to create a quantitative analysis of potential designs. BIM’s are computer files that allow firms to create a digital representation of their concepts in order to assess the physical and functional characteristics of their structures and models. BIM’s permit individuals, businesses and government agencies to design, construct, operate, and maintain buildings and other structures with ease.


Structured Analyses

The design and construction of architectural projects developed with BIM methodology is carried out according to certain established guidelines. One of these guidelines is the concept of Level of Information Needed (LOIN), a system in which clients can define their requirements in project management.

Engineering and Architectural Standards

This guideline is based on the European standard EN17412 on LOIN, which specifies the required level of project information and deliverables for use in BIM modeling. The LOIN may be predefined in public or private standards, or defined for a particular design and construction project. 

Accountability in Modeling

In order to run the BIM, various types of geometric information must be established. This can include detail, dimensions, location, appearance, parametric level), alphanumeric information (identification and properties) and associated documentation (documents associated with an element, such as reports, manuals, photographs, etc.). In summary, the LOIN standard in BIM design and construction is divided into 5 aspects to be controlled: geometric complexity, dimensions, location, parameterisation and appearance of the modeled element.

Creating this standard for modeling allows clients to request and monitor the way that their contractors achieve designs and solutions. Utilization of LOIN further increases production efficiency and improves the way that architecture firms like COSMOS can deliver to their clients.

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