Solar PV

Solar photovoltaic (PV) energy continues to become more productive and commercially valuable. We are helping energy clients to develop and implement solar infrastructure that can help them transition to the renewable energy era.

Around the world, utility-scale solar PV offers increasingly affordable and secure net zero renewable energy. COSMOSIVICSA’s energy team works with clients across the project lifecycle, developing projects at a national scale as well as private developments, considering including resilience, digital and system integration as well as planning, advisory, engineering and transaction advice. 

Delivering the solar PV industry

We’re supporting governments and cities across the world from Bogota to Valencia exploring how solar PV can become a critical part to the energy transition. Through our strategy and roadmap planning, we develop clear pathways to decarbonising public and private sectors.  

Although solar PV is an established market across parts of the world, many countries are taking first steps towards establishing renewable energy industries and are yet to develop mature supply chains.

We’re working with clients across the world to unlock the potential of solar energy for each local market, including parts of South East Asia where we’re supporting developers who are investing in floating PV technology.

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