A country’s arts venues are where it shares its most important ideas. As places they allow incredible performances to stimulate every sense. And as designs they are often working of art, inspiring and encouraging the audiences they serve.

To achieve a great design, clients need a partner who understands the challenges and parallel objectives of these projects. Arup’s collaborative ethos enables us to realize these complex goals. Our breadth of disciplines and collaborative ‘Total Architecture’ philosophy means we value and share the creative vision that drives cultural projects.


From museums to theatres to community-based centers, we take a collaborative approach to creating purposeful designs that resonate with the museum and cultural institution clients, their donors, staff, stakeholders, and ultimately, the public. Our team creates unique environments for performances, exhibitions, education, and community outreach that welcome and impact our diverse communities.


Engineering experiences

Cosmos Group understands the performance environment. Our aim is always to design and engineer the architect’s vision so that completed venues perform as well as the artists who will appear in them. We bring a rigorous understanding of how the precise interplay of acoustics, materials, lighting, shape and space will produce spaces suitable for every kind of cultural encounter, from art to music, film-making to broadcast facilities.


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